Case Study

Pioneering Progressive Health Care Advocacy: Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy in 2021

In 2021, as the United States ushered in access to highly effective COVID-19 vaccines, the nation grappled with vaccine hesitancy rooted in diverse community concerns, ranging from historical distrust of the medical system to government skepticism.

Our client, a leading healthcare provider, took a proactive stance by collaborating with Scale for Change to launch a comprehensive COVID-19 outreach campaign. The primary goal was to ensure that key communities received accurate, science-based information about the vaccines, guidance on accessing them, and insights into the underlying reasons behind vaccine hesitancy.

Innovative Outreach Strategies
Scale for Change spearheaded an extensive outreach initiative, knocking on over 110,000 doors, making over 410,000 phone calls, and engaging in conversations with more than 55,000 individuals regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. These meaningful interactions unveiled crucial findings, revealing the effectiveness of referral programs, the preference for walk-in vaccination sites, and the necessity for assistance with time off from work for vaccine recovery.

Impactful Data for Progressive Healthcare Advocacy
As pioneers in COVID-19 vaccine outreach, our program played a pivotal role in gathering data that informed our client's strategies and provided valuable insights for other progressive groups embarking on similar initiatives. By navigating the complexities of vaccine hesitancy, we set a precedent for progressive healthcare advocacy, emphasizing the importance of tailored outreach strategies and community-centric approaches.

This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in addressing critical healthcare challenges. At Scale for Change, our commitment to progressive values drives us to pioneer innovative solutions, leveraging data-driven insights to shape the future of healthcare advocacy. 

Join us as we continue to lead the way in transforming healthcare narratives and fostering positive change in communities nationwide.

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