Organizing with, hiring from, and building for the communities you serve.


What sets us apart

Whether a national or local campaign or within affiliated structures, Scale for Change recruits, trains, and provides support for teams in your respective community to ensure that your campaign can scale and meet your goals. We leverage our expertise on campaigns, non-profit advocacy, and leadership development to craft winning campaigns that drive change and build capacity for the future.

Our work embodies the change we want to see in our communities: we pay a living wage, offer benefits, don’t have education requirements, and a criminal history doesn’t automatically preclude employment. And, we care about the success of your program. Our budgets are based on metrics and timeline which allows us to reinvest into your program when we achieve our goals early.

We envision a world where people, including the most marginalized, can express their truest selves, imagine infinite possibilities and feel radical joy, vulnerability and empowerment. And we are here to do the work to make this world possible.

Scale for Change Leadership.

Our leadership team brings our expertise in campaigns, non-profit advocacy, and leadership development to build you winning campaigns that champion change and build capacity for the future. We have experience running national campaigns, local campaigns, and working within affiliated structures.

Made up of people of color, immigrants, women, and queer people, these issues are personal to our team and motivate us to do this work.


Taking your reach to the next level.

Personalized Community Engagement

We engage directly with community members, aligning with your organization's goals. Using data-driven scripts, our team establishes genuine connections through conversations at the door, on the phone, and through digital organizing to convey your priorities and motivate and inform the community effectively.

Strategic Organizing

Elevate your mission with dedicated organizers or specialized outreach teams. We excel in relational and digital organizing, focusing on engaging marginalized communities, including Spanish speakers, refugees, and immigrants.

Empowering Campaign Consulting

Ensure your organizing program's impact with our strategic consulting. We assess your program thoroughly, identifying strengths and untapped opportunities. Our experts provide tailored recommendations, translating your vision into a concrete roadmap to achieve your goals.

Organizational Management Enhancement

We offer temporary administration and operations support, project management, and event coordination to amplify your capacity.


Our Values


Provide high-quality and cost-efficient services with a special focus on community building, compliance and data.


Consider each community’s diverse strengths and approaches, both internally and externally.


Seek to create new methods, ideas and tactics to make our campaigns efficient and sustainable.


Build programs through collaboration, sharing plans, results and midsteps.


Dream of and build the world we want in each project.


Prioritize the continued wellbeing of communities, volunteers, clients and staff on each project.