Case Study

National Digital Volunteer Programs + Engagement

In a transformative collaboration since 2021, Scale for Change has joined forces with a distinguished organization, extending additional capacity and political organization volunteers when their existing resources faced constraints in onboarding and engaging interested volunteers.

Program Mission: A Foundation for Sustained Impact
At the heart of this partnership is a shared mission—to establish and nurture sustained volunteer and organizing programs on a national and local scale. Guided by Digital Organizing Managers, each program offers leadership opportunities and diverse avenues for individuals to support reproductive freedom actively. These include impactful actions like phone banking, text banking, and leveraging various digital tools and platforms.

Empowering Supporters for Change
The focus extends beyond mere engagement; it's about empowering supporters to contribute to charitable, social welfare, and electoral victories. The strategic approach builds not only social and institutional strength but also political power—ultimately safeguarding and expanding access to sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Quantifiable Impact and Growth
Since the program's inception, the results speak volumes. A remarkable 118,436 supporters have actively participated in organized events. The program has successfully enlisted 20,932 new supporters, facilitated 12,348 volunteer shifts (including 325 shifts led by volunteer leaders), and recruited and trained 45 coaches who, in turn, conduct educational teach-ins within their networks.

Sustained Support and Future Trajectory
Scale for Change's Digital Organizing Managers remain the driving force behind this impactful initiative. As we forge ahead, the program stands as a beacon of progressive change—empowering individuals, building networks, and driving tangible results in sexual and reproductive healthcare advocacy.

This ongoing collaboration exemplifies Scale for Change's commitment to effecting meaningful and lasting change through strategic partnerships and progressive organizing initiatives. 

Join us as we navigate the path toward a future marked by social justice, equality, and expanded access to essential healthcare services.

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