Case Study

National Digital Campaigns + Volunteer Engagement

Scale for Change's partnership with a prominent organization continues to see a transformative impact through the strategic efforts of its Digital Campaign Manager and Digital Campaign Organizer. Tasked with developing, executing, and managing multi-channel digital campaigns, their mission was clear: drive advocacy, fundraising, engagement, and new audience acquisition.

Strategic Planning and Coordination
The dynamic duo crafts campaign plans, and compelling content, including email action alerts, fundraising appeals, SMS messages, and various digital assets. Their collaboration extended to coordinating with Digital Advocacy and Fundraising staff, other departments, and external consultants. This seamless coordination ensured a unified approach to campaign planning and development.

Result-Driven Digital Advocacy
Since the arrival of the Digital Campaign Manager, the email program experienced unprecedented success, reaching almost 4 million supporters with an impressive 15.21% open rate—surpassing internal benchmarks. This achievement highlights the team's ability to resonate with the audience and deliver impactful messages.

Unlocking Community Power
In the realm of progressive digital advocacy, our Digital Campaign Organizer is the catalyst for building robust and engaged communities. Targeting individuals expressing support for our client organization, this expert orchestrates a seamless journey into an online digital community—a space where passion meets action. We've sent over 5.7 million texts, overseen 112,000 actions, submitted nearly 82,000 public comments, assessed 1,400 volunteers through 1:1s, sustained engagement with over 90 super volunteers, and have seen numerous letters to the editor published. Our digital space isn't just about numbers—it's a dynamic platform fostering deep connections.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Both roles actively contributed to developing reports summarizing campaign results. Leveraging data and analytics, they made informed strategic and tactical decisions. This approach ensured a continuous feedback loop, refining campaigns for maximum impact.

Outcomes and Ongoing Support
The program's success is an ongoing testament to the expertise and dedication of Scale for Change's Digital Campaign Manager and Digital Campaign Organizer. Their collaborative efforts have not only achieved initial goals but continue to foster a thriving community of supporters. 

Join us in reshaping the narrative—one text, one action, and one engaged community member at a time. Together, we make progress possible.

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