Case Study

Innovative Digital Canvassing: Transforming Engagement in 2022

In a pioneering move for 2022, Scale for Change successfully introduced "digital door-knocking" or "remote canvassing." This groundbreaking program strategically positioned four organizers as influencers on X (formerly known as Twitter), reaching a remarkable 11,327 voters in critical swing districts in North Carolina. The key to our success lies in the personalized approach—establishing genuine connections with voters based on their interests and steering clear of generic mass messages.

Turning Enthusiasm into Action
Beyond digital interactions, we seamlessly translated online enthusiasm into real-world volunteer engagement. We bridged the gap between virtual and physical participation by inviting voters in Durham to actively participate and promote our Durham Party to the Polls event. Additionally, we strategically encouraged target voters to amplify our message by retweeting ads exposing anti-abortion candidates in their districts. This strategic move garnered hundreds of retweets, flooding local social networks with our client’s message in geo-targeted locations.

Empowering Conversations and Voter Plans
In the final stages, we leveraged the rapport built through digital canvassing to engage voters in discussions about their vote plans. These final Get Out The Vote (GOTV) conversations boasted an impressive 10-15% response rate, underscoring the effectiveness of this innovative remote canvassing approach. Every effort invested in this method yielded valuable insights and tangible results, proving the power of digital canvassing in shaping and influencing voter behavior.

This case exemplifies Scale for Change's commitment to innovation, leveraging digital platforms to not only connect with voters but to inspire real-world action. As we continue to redefine the boundaries of progressive consulting, our focus remains on driving meaningful engagement and fostering positive change in the ever-evolving landscape of political advocacy. 

Join us as we pioneer new avenues for impact in the digital age.

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