Case Study

Defending Reproductive Freedom and Lgbtq+ Rights

Between April and November 2022, Scale for Change ran twelve programs with eight clients and two coalitions in Michigan to protect reproductive freedom, the LGBTQ+ community, and one of the most basic promises of a democracy - the right to vote. We did this through a multi-pronged approach to have real conversations with voters every day - through door knocking, phone calls, text messages, volunteer managers, rapid response organizers, patient advocates, and an innovative young Black and Indigenous people of color organizing cohort. Notably, for all of our programs, we prioritize hiring directly from the communities our clients are organizing and in partnership with.

In a strategic endeavor to protect reproductive freedom, champion LGBTQ+ rights, and uphold the fundamental democratic promise of voting rights, Scale for Change executed a comprehensive multi-pronged approach across Michigan in 2022. Our mission was to foster honest conversations with voters daily through twelve programs, engaging eight clients and two coalitions.

Diverse Outreach Channels and Cohorts
Our approach encompassed various outreach methods, including door knocking, phone calls, text messages, volunteer management, rapid response organizing, patient advocacy, and an innovative organizing cohort comprised of young Black and Indigenous People of Color. Notably, we prioritized hiring directly from the communities our clients sought to organize and collaborated closely with local partners.

Unprecedented Engagement and Conversations
During the 2022 election cycle, we made a significant impact by knocking on 374,527 doors, resulting in 74,346 voter conversations (a contact rate of 19.85%) across key Michigan counties. Simultaneously, we executed 173,069 calls, sent 30,203 texts, and engaged in 7,470 conversations statewide. Our scripts, covering various issues and leadership roles, incorporated a feedback loop for canvassers, enabling real-time adjustments and enhanced engagement.

Diverse Organizing Programs
Our organizing programs mobilized volunteers for diverse activities, including messaging training, phone banks, text banks, hand-written postcard campaigns, crowd canvasses, literature drops, and strategic poll greeting initiatives. Noteworthy events included a Latinx outreach event in Clark Park, a volunteer canvass kick-off at Kitty Deluxe, a YBIPOC-focused GOTV event at Wayne County Community College, a rally at Oakland University’s clock tower, and a Black Organizing Program trick-or-treat event in Palmer Park.

Triumphs in Michigan
Our collective efforts bore fruit as Michigan Democrats secured a trifecta—Governor, State House, and State Senate—for the first time since the 1980s. Of the eleven races our clients participated in, victories were secured in eight. A landmark achievement was the Reproductive Freedom For All (RFFA) ballot initiative, amending the Michigan state constitution to permanently and explicitly protect reproductive freedom statewide.

This case study is a testament to the impactful, community-centric approach Scale for Change brings to progressive advocacy. By fostering inclusive conversations, mobilizing diverse communities, and achieving tangible wins, we continue to shape the narrative of progressive change in Michigan and beyond. 

Join us as we navigate the path toward a more just, equitable, and democratic future.

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