Patrice Channer

Director of Human Resources

Patrice Channer is a Human Resources professional working in political and reproductive rights spaces since 2013. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she moved to South Florida with her parents and younger brother in 2002. Patrice first began at Scale For Change as a canvasser in Broward County. She then became a Regional and State Operations Manager in Florida during the 2014 Gubernatorial race. Patrice’s passion for Human Resources is directly connected to her passion for equity and fairness in the workplace, fundamentals she learned through her experience both in the field and office.

Prior to becoming SFC’s Human Resources Associate Director, Patrice worked in many different capacities in canvass offices across the country. Working in communities that are often overlooked and underrepresented compels Patrice to ensure staff feel seen and heard while at work. She not only helped to create SFC’s Human Resources department but has largely contributed to processes and systems that allow the organization to function at its peak. Whether it's running payroll, implementing a new system, or joining a team in the field to help launch a canvass, Patrice believes that teamwork is essential to any organization she’s a part of and is always willing to lend a hand where needed. She currently resides in South Florida with her family.