Aida Mackic (she/her) is a nationally recognized community organizer and political advocate. As a Hijabi Muslim woman, preserving individual freedom and choice for women in all aspects of their lives has continually been a core tenet of her personal identity and political ideology.

As Chief Program and Strategy Officer, Aida identifies, develops and leads high-profile, high-impact campaigns and strategies that expand outreach, mobilize voters, and advance progressive values — as well as the teams that execute them. An expert political strategist, she is well-versed in all aspects of digital and in-person organizing campaigns — from recruiting and managing diverse teams, to coaching and training staff on best practices for managing relationships with community organizations, affinity groups, and political stakeholders. 

Aida immigrated to the United States as a war refugee when she was eleven years old. Her background catalyzed her passion for grassroots activism and served as the impetus for becoming a leading voice and fearless advocate for women's rights at large. 

Prior to joining SFC, Aida ran numerous political and issue-oriented campaigns, including recently as the Florida Community Organizing Director for the 2020 Elizabeth Warren for President, as the Political Coordinator for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), FPSU, and as the Special Projects Director for the 2018 Gillum King Gubernatorial Campaign in Florida. In these roles, she planned and managed direct field campaigns, developed and matured donor and affinity networks, and coordinated political lobbying and voter outreach campaigns. Perhaps most importantly, and most fundamentally, she has motivated and mobilized people to join these efforts and support the goals she shares with the organizations and individuals who sponsor her work.

Aida currently works and lives in Florida with her husband and their four children. When she’s not working, you can find her organizing in the Muslim and Bosnian communities, reading, gardening, and painting.

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