Aida Mackic

Chief Program and Strategy Officer

Aida Mackic is a professional community organizer and political advocate. As a Hijabi Muslim woman, preserving individual freedom and choice for women in all aspects of their lives has always been at the center of her personal and political identity.

In her many leadership roles in political organizing, Aida has become expert at developing and implementing all aspects of organizing campaigns to achieve their strategic imperatives - from the recruitment and management of a diverse organizing team, to the creation of extensive coaching and training of staff on best practices for managing relationships with community organizations, affinity groups, and political stakeholders. She has planned and managed direct field campaigns, developed and matured donor and affinity networks, and coordinated political lobbying and voter outreach campaigns. Perhaps most importantly and most fundamentally, she has motivated and mobilized people to join these efforts and support the goals she shares with the organizations and individuals who sponsor her work.

Prior to joining SFC, Aida served as the Lead Organizer in numerous political and issue-oriented campaigns, including recently as the Florida Community Organizing Director for the 2020 Elizabeth Warren for President, as the Political Coordinator for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), FPSU, and as the Special Projects Director for the 2018 Gillum King Gubernatorial Campaign in Florida. Aida was born in a small village in Bosnia-Hercegovina and immigrated to the United States as a war refugee when she was eleven years old. She learned at an early age that both in a war torn country and in what was her new home in Des Moines, Iowa, marginalized women often were not given platforms to speak.

Aida quickly became a known grassroots activist within her small immigrant community. She was often a point person and mediator within her community and over time became a vital voice for women and their issues at large. Aida currently works and lives in Florida with her husband and their four children.