Case Study

Digital Door Knocking

In 2022, "Digital door-knocking" or "remote canvassing" was successfully piloted by Scale for Change. The program positioned four organizers to be Twitter influencers. Combined, they reached out to 11,327 voters in target swing districts. This is achieved by building rapport one-on-one and connecting with the voters on their interests — not with mass copied and pasted messages. Along the way, we even helped turn online enthusiasm into real-world volunteers. We did this by asking voters in Durham to help us promote and attend our Durham Party to the Polls event. We also asked target voters to retweet ads exposing the anti-abortion candidates in that voter's district. Hundreds retweeted these attack ads. This flooded local social networks with the client’s message in geo-targeted places. In the final days, we reached out to those we had built rapport with and got them to discuss their vote plans. These final GOTV conversations had a 10-15% response rate, well worth the effort of this remote form of canvassing.

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