Case Study

COVID-19 Outreach Campaigns

In 2021, the United States finally had access to highly effective COVID-19 vaccines. Across the country, there was vaccine hesitancy for the COVID-19 vaccine for a number of reasons that vary across communities, including historical distrust of the medical system and government.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a leading healthcare provider,  launched a COVID-19 outreach campaign with Scale for Change to ensure our communities had access to science-based facts about the vaccines, how to access the vaccines, and to understand more about vaccine hesitancy.

Phone Calls

We knocked on over 110K doors, made over 410K phone calls, and had conversations with over 55,000 people about the COVID-19 vaccines. These conversations led to key insights including that referral programs work, walk-in sites were preferred and accessible, and that people needed help with time off of work for the recovery from the vaccine. Our program was one of the first canvass programs to hit the ground for COVID-19 vaccine outreach and our data helped to inform other progressive groups planning similar efforts.

Ready to Scale

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